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Minimal SaaS Technical Due Diligence

It's never been easier than ever to buy a SaaS. This is what you should do to ensure you can effectively assume control upon acquisition.

Disabling SSL Validation in Bruno

The Bruno API client is great but you will probably need to make a minor configuration change when using it in conjunction with local Laravel development environments like Herd.

Disabling Axios SSL Certificate Validation

The NodeJS Axios library will by default verify the supplied server certificate against the associated certificate authority, which will fail if you are using a self-signed certificate.

Blitz Building with AI

AI coding assistants can provide enormous productivity gains. Learn how I used them to create two B2B SaaS MVPs in less than 15 hours.

Laravel Jetstream: Changing the Login Redirection URL

By default Laravel Jetstream will redirect newly logged in users to the dashboard route. A side project I am building did not have a need for a general post-authentication landing page, and so I needed to figure out how to redirect the user elsewhere.

Disable Hiragana to Kanji Conversion on Mac

Macs offer a convenient solution for seamlessly switching between English and Hiragana alphabets. I regularly switch between the two when working on my Japanese language homework.

Running PostgreSQL in a Docker Container

I’ve lately grown adamant about separating my laptop (macOS) from various developer tools such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Nginx. Homebrew is great, but running this sort of software in a Docker container is ultimately more flexible and maintainable, with the added benefit of no longer having to intermingle all of this additional software with the macOS operating system.

Undoing a Git Merge

Git is great, but at times very intimidating. One scary predicament pertains to figuring out how to undo mistakenly merged code. This short tutorial explains how to do so.